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Board of directors meeting


September 22, 2015
Meeting called by Gaynelle Wethers, Board Chairperson
Type of meeting Monthly Board Meeting
Facilitator Gaynelle Wethers
Timekeeper N/A







Present: Gaynelle Wethers, Allen Williams, Tracy Archie, Dr. Buddhi Shrestha, Christine Johnson, Sammy Ndive, Hilda Rosario-Escher, Fr. Tracy, Kathleen Pringle, Isse Abukar, Glenn Gravino, Cynthia Herriott, S. Dolly Malik
Excused: Carlos GarciaAbsent: Raymond Mayoliz, Isse AbukarStaff: Dr. Janice Harbin, CEO, Dr. Laurie Donohue, CMO, Dr. Mary Miller, Chief Dental Director, Kimberlee Frarey, CCO, Jason Dunn, COO, Jonathan Clune, CFO (conference),   Shelly Knapp, Sr. Human Resources DirectorStaff Excused:
Call to Order:

Ms. Wethers called meeting to order at 5:35pm.

Open Forum:

Ms. Wethers gave kudos to Ms. Kathleen Pringle for her success on the annual Foundation Luncheon. Ms. Pringle announced next year’s luncheon will be honoring Dr. Kenneth Woodward. The focus will be around Pediatrics.

Dr. Harbin announced being honored to host a round table for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Congresswoman Barbara Lee at the Jordan Health Center. The visit was very successful. Jordan received great feedback from both Congresswomen.

Ms. Wethers shared Dr. Mindy Fullimore visit to Rochester for Baden Street Settlement’s annual luncheon.   Jordan Health provided breakfast for with the Baden Street Settlement and Community Leaders.
Approval of Board of Directors Minutes:

Ms. Rosario-Escher made a motion to accept the August 25, 2015 with revisions to be corrected. Dr. Shrestha seconded motion. All were in favor. The motion was carried unanimously.

  Finance Committee – Mr. Gravino:

The following report was highlighted:

  • Mr. Gravino reviewed the income statement for August having a loss of $54,000 against a budgeted gain of $137,000. The driving results were adjustment in revenues of $158,000 for the month.
  • Encounters for month down 881.         Two positions down in Family Medicine. Year to date in encounters off 4000 for the year. Discussion on being over budgeted for this year. Dr. Harbin noted how we’ll need to review the actual productivity of staff we currently have to give a better look of what we should be operating on. Mr. Gravino added this being a good time to review the budget projection for the 2016.
  • She’s like to see numbers pulled out and review the actual productivity with the number of staff the center currently has.
  • Year to date on expenses bottom line $836,000 verses budget for $622,000. Largely driven by the 340b program which continues to be strong. Yearly budget at $1million net income. Mr. Gravino reviewed the pharmacy program statement for the month of August the actual net income $329,000 after all expenses.
  • Balance sheet for the month of August remains strong at $9.8 million in cash.
  • Mr. Gravino discussed the patient receivables declined for the month. Down $2.4 million to $2 million. No other changes in assets or liabilities. Total equity stood at 13.1 million compared to last month at 900,000.
  • Mr. Gravino reviewed the three year federal grant which was approved by the Finance Committee. The grant is being budgeting over 116,000 encounters for a three year period.

Dr. Malik made a motion to accept the Finance Report. It was seconded by Dr. Broadbent. All were in favor. Motion was carried unanimously.

Audit Committee:

  • No report for the month of September. The committee is waiting for the results of the pharmacy audit the organization initiated.

Quality Assurance/Health Services Committee – Dr. Broadbent:

  • Dr. Broadbent thanked both Dr. Donohue and Mr. Dunn for their hard work they do on this committee. He also commended Mr. Dany Dominguez, Quality Improvement Specialist for all the work he accomplishes for the organization.  Dr. Donohue detailed Dany resigning from his position to pursue his preceptorship as an MD.
  • Dr. Broadbent shared information on the Pediatrics presentation provided by Dr. Sakinah Miller.
  • Ms. Wethers gave kudos to the WIC Program. Dr. Mindy Fullimore was given a tour at the program and was very impressed. Kudos to Keri Santos for all her hard work she provides at that Jordan Health Link. The Jordan WIC Program has been selected being on the best programs in the New York State.
  • Dr. Broadbent also gave kudos to Dr. Heather Muxworthy.         Ms. Pringle spoke about Dr. Muxworthy experience with Dr. Poussaint at the reception. Dr. Muxworthy shared information with Dr. Poussaint and the group on her recent meeting she had with the state. The state asked Dr. Muxworthy what barriers they would be able to remove to be able to assist in helping providers serve the patients more effectively. Dr. Muxworthy requested the need would be in receiving waivers.
  • Dr. Broadbent reported the following provider to be appointed/re-appointed for credentialing. Dr. Donohue gave their back ground information.


o    Benjamin Christensen, MD – Holland Street

o    Shani Fagin, PA – Holland Street

o    Latoya Scott, DDS – Holland Street

o    Valerie Nolan, NP – JH @ Community Place


o    Melissa Brown, MD – Urgent Care

o    Carmen Jay Ellie, MD – Urgent Care

o    Shawn Ross, PA – Urgent Care

Dr. Broadbent inquired about the Urgent Care’s productivity. Mr. Clune responded as of year to date, productivity is currently ahead of budget, however Urgent Care has lost $18,000 year to date.

Dr. Shrestha made a motion to accept the QA/Health Services Committee report. It was seconded by Ms. Rosario-Escher. All were in favor. Motion was carried unanimously.

Human Resources/Nominating Committee – Ms. Pringle:

Ms. Pringle highlighted the following from her report.

  • Talent acquisitions have been positive.  Many new hires.

–       Chalonda Roberts-James, Communications Director.   Ten year experience with Channel 10 as Sr. Reporter. Worked eleven years in public relations to nonprofit. Ms. Roberts will be starting October 1st.

–       Interviews scheduled for the IT Manager to replace Andrea Richardson.

–       Dr. Donohue and Ms. Knapp have attended a conference in Syracuse and have been in implementing physician recruitment.

–       Eve Scofield, previous Billing Manager, has been promoted to the Director of Reimbursement.

–       Monica Graham, previous Credentialing Specialist has been promoted to Billing Manager.

  • An analysis for the Compensation benefits has been completed. A total compensation statement will be provided to all employees. Clinician project underway. This will be completed by October 1.
  • Union:

–       Grievance from a previous staff who was terminated for HIPAA violation.

  • Ms. Pringle discussed an unfair labor practice from LPN.
  • Discussed an employee wellness committee being initiated based on a survey completed that was completed on September 8th.
  • Several policies are currently being reviewed.         Final approval being reviewed for updates.

Strategic Planning – Dr. Malik:

Dr. Malik highlighted the following from the September 21st meeting.

  • Plan for the committee to meet on a monthly basis. Bench marking together some measures of how effective the organization is. Start developing initiative for 2016. The next meeting schedule on the third Monday. Ms. Wethers requested that Ms. Tschappat along with Michele Hannagan to join the Executive Committee meeting on October 6th to discuss the financial objective. This will answer questions from members of the board on the team care cost. The target is to have all sites on team care by the end of 2016.         Beginning of 2017, DSRIP, Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment, will be beginning to pay a fee for service on paid for performance and 10% being capitated.         Dr. Malik reported how the board will need to decide how implement the team can be financially supported and where will Team Care be located. Staff members are working on gathering information for the board to better understand. The committee will continue to look at measures on how initiatives are being developed.   Ms. Wethers stated this would be crucial to understand the master plan.         Dr. Harbin noted that patients have been engaged in meetings with patient focus groups reviewing struggles and verifying where our gaps are in and also pilot patient satisfaction surveys are being conducted.

Corporate Compliance Committee – Kim Frarey:

  • No report for this month. Meeting scheduled next month.
  • Ms. Frarey handed out the annual conflict of interest disclosure to review, sign and return back before the annual board elections next month. Committee members who are not board of directors also to fill out forms. Ms. Frarey discussed vendors responsibility included. Vendors not included in the prior policy.         This policy will be effective in January, 2016.

Health Promotions Committee – Ms. Johnson:

  • Ms. Johnson thanked Mr. Williams and Mr. Bell for attending the Back to School Bash at the Community Place. Three hundred book bags were given. Ms. Johnson stated the importance to get the word out that Jordan Health is open.
  • Listening to the community, Ms. Johnson expressed the importance on hiring new staff members to resemble the community we serve. Ms. Johnson gave some kind words on Shawn Ross, PA. Fr. Tracy commented the importance of being mindful of hiring new staff to be able to communicate in the language of our patients we serve.         Dr. Harbin discussed the importance of developing a community engagement team to reflect the community we serve.

Mr. Gravino made a motion to accept the Health Promotions Committee Report. It was seconded by Dr. Broadbent. All were in favor.   Motion was carried unanimously.

  CEO Report – Dr. Janice Harbin

Dr. Harbin reviewed and highlighted the following from her report.

·         Dr. Harbin congratulated Ms. Rosario for the IBERO Annual Luncheon’s success.

·         Dr. Harbin also congratulated Ms. Pringle on the VIP reception where Senator Funke and Senator Robach were present.

·         Dr. Harbin discussed the DSRIP, Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program. Contract with Finger Lakes Performing Provider System contract for phase I is being reviewed. After contract is signed off in October, Jordan will be eligible to receive incentive payments of $900,000.

·         The Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), Service Area Competition grant renewal was submitted.

·         Notice of award of $310,268.00 received for the Supplement/Change for Expansion.

·         A revised Vital Access Provider (VAP) grant received, this will free up $876,000.

Chief Medical Officer: Chief Compliance Officer: Dental Report:

Foundation Report:

Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Laurie Donohue:

Dr. Donohue invited board member to participate in the Hustle to Health scheduled on September 25th, celebrating the Hispanic Heritage month.   Flyer passed out.

Dental Director – Dr. Miller:

  • Dr. Miller reviewed the new hires, Dr. Titus Howell, Oral Surgeon. Currently in the credentialing process. Ms. Tera Bell has been hired as a per diem hygienist.
  • Over 100 children received oral received oral health education and supplies at the back to school bash.         The event took place at the Community Place of Greater Rochester on September 12.
  • Delta grant candidates were reviewed and discussed. Three candidates were identified who will benefit from the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation grant to provide services and include restorative and prosthodontic treatment.

Chief Compliance Officer Ms. Frarey:

  • No report for this month.

Jordan Foundation Report – Ms. Pringle:

  • Ms. Pringle highlighted the Foundation Annual Luncheon. Dr. Alvin Poussaint expressed enjoyed being in Rochester. Dr. Poussaint was very impressed with the work Jordan does. She discussed having sponsorship being off. Ms. Pringle stated they did not break even. The foundation will be focusing on next year on raising money securing sponsors and purchasing table.
  • New theme for Health Body, health
  • Ms. Pringle discussed upcoming pillars for 2015-2016.
  • Kudos to Ms. Pringle on Jordan video on of Dr. Anthony Jordan.

Boy Scout of America:

Dr. Harbin announced does not condone discrimination, but the organization was approached by the Boys Scout of America requesting a letter of support to potentiating participating in activities on the cubs scout with the LGBT at Jordan Health. After meeting with Senior Leadership, it was discussed and decided Jordan will not engage in such activities. In agreement from the board members, a lengthy discussion followed.

Dr. Shrestha made a motion to accept CEO, CMO, CDO, CCO and Foundation Report. It was seconded by Mr. Ndive. All were in favor. Motion was carried.


Action items Person responsible Deadline
Badges for board members available at Security Desk when members are visiting the building. Ms. Letty Serrano 9/22/15




Action items Person responsible Deadline


Action items Person responsible Deadline

Meeting Adjourned at 6:36 pm

Submitted by:


Tracy Archie, Corporate Board Secretary


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